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Baby Nurse Services

We will be with you every Baby Step of the way.....


At Calm Baby RN, we know how scary it can be to bring home a new baby and we know how essential it is to feel you have quality, trustworthy, expert support. Our goal is to work ourselves out of the job by allowing the new parents time to rest, recover and bond while having a professional in their home; showing them all of the best ways to care for & comfort their new baby.


We proudly offer plenty of options for new parents as we realize that needs may change.  We strive to maintain flexibility in our contracts and continue to work with our families based on the ever-changing and hard-to-predict world of newborn and postpartum care.  We understand that our clients don't always know in advance how much or little support they may need; and, therefore, we allow for adjustments in schedule along the way.  

What is a Baby Nurse?


A Baby Nurse is a highly trained non-medical Newborn Care Specialist who provides numerous aspects of care and education for the new family.  

Baby Nurses are not necessarily Registered Nurses; however, at Calm Baby RN we do have both non-nurses and RNs available.

What will my Baby Nurse do?
Your Baby Nurse will come to your home as soon after your hospital discharge as you would like.  She will provide all care for your baby including bathing, feeding, nail care, circumcision care, swaddling, organize the nursery, clean and sanitize the bottles, pacifiers and pump parts and take care of the baby's laundry among other aspects of infant care.  It's important to understand, however, that the baby's needs take precedence over all other duties. 
Are the Baby Nurses experienced with Multiples?

Yes, of course!  Multiples are a very large part of our business and our baby nurses are not only experienced with multiples, but they are multiples EXPERTS!  Caring for a single baby can be overwhelming for a new family and certainly caring for more than one takes organization, routine and experience that our nurses can share!

How far in advance should we arrange to hire a Baby Nurse?

The earlier the better!  We are contracted very quickly.  We can typically accommodate last minute requests.  Those requests are, of course, subject to Baby Nurse availablity.  Our best advice is to plan early to meet potential Baby Nurses and create an ideal schedule for your family and lifestyle.

Who are the Calm Baby RN Baby Nurses?

We are happy to offer a team of professionals from many different walks of life.  Some of our Baby Nurses are former Mother-Baby RNs, some are veteran Moms themselves, some are even grandmothers. They all share the common thread of expert training and a passion for nurturing.

Click Here to Meet Our Baby Nurses!

How do we find out more info?

We look forward to speaking with you and hearing about your growing family!  Click here for more information on hiring a Baby Nurse.  Upon reading this information we encourage you to call us at 973-306-3063 or email Pam Small, Director of Services at 

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