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  Sleep Consultations
  • Ages 0-5 Years
  • Various levels of support to meet your budget
  • Overnight Consultations Available
  • Email Support Included
Sleep Consultations
In Home & Remote

Sleep...Glorious Sleep,

It's rejuvenating and makes all the stresses of a day more manageable. That is, of course, IF you are sleeping.  Having a baby is an exhausting time and one that requires SLEEP for all.


Our sleep specialists not only have an impeccable reputation but also a gentle approach.  Available for 0-5 year olds and options of phone consults to overnight implementation available!

Meet The Sweet Dreams Team
Pam "Mimi" 
The Queen of Sweet Dreams 

Expert Sleep Consultant & Trainer

Pam's 7 grandchildren call her "Mimi" and because her clients become family to her all of them also call her "Mimi"!  Actually, many parents call her their ANGEL.  Even in the most challenging situations Mimi doesn't give up, she is with her clients each step of the way until all family members are sleeping blissfully.

Dream Maker

Asst. Sleep Consultant

Newborn Care Specialist

Elizabeth works to implement the plans that Mimi creates for your family.  As a Mommy herself, Elizabeth is well aware of the need for rejuvenating sleep and she is a PRO at making sure her clients get it!

Dream Maker

Asst. Sleep Consultant

Newborn Care Specialist

Kira has been a member of the Calm Baby RN family since 2014.  She is a multiples specialist and utilizes her sleep strategy expertise to help all of her clients reach their goals.

We assess the challenges, teach modifications, develop a plan and coordinate follow up, all in the comfort of your own home.

Dream Maker

Asst. Sleep Consultant

Newborn Care Specialist

Fran's families and babies absolutely love her and usually end up not wanting to let her go.  She is comforting, experienced and a huge asset to the Calm Baby RN family.  She was even given the nickname "The Closer" from clients after she successfully got their baby to sleep through the night.

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RElaxed Approach

"Pam's approach is slow and steady.  There is crying but she taught us what to listen for so we felt more comfortable letting our baby girl practice and learn to self-soothe to sleep.  The ongoing support through all our baby's developmental changes and the ability to send her videos of the baby's monitor throughout the night guided us to wonderful sleep.  Our 3 month old often sleep 7:30pm-8:00am!  We are all very happy!!"

-Megan, mom of Lizzie

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