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      Prenatal Classes



In the comfort of YOUR Home

Perfected & Personalized

Who has the time or energy to sit for hours in group prenatal classes only to realize they gain little, if any, knowledge that will actually apply to their unique situation? Our classes have been perfected and personalized so that your precious time can be spent learning the most current techniques and information and all of your questions can be discussed.


Our in-home classes are 2-3 hours long and include our popular email follow-up support. We offer flexible scheduling including weekends and holidays. 

Childbirth Classes
Preparing for Labor & Birth


This is a private class dedicated to the comfort and confidence of expectant Moms and Dads. We cover the mechanics and fundamentals of labor and birth, what to expect and how best to handle the challenges all in a way to reduce your fears and concerns. We discuss both unmedicated birthing options and strategies as well as births with the use of pain medications. We have found that doing childbirth education privately in your own home is the best way to help you prepare as it gives us the opportunity to customize the class to your personal needs, concerns and goals. Best taken between weeks 30-36.


$250.00 Northern New Jersey

Email us if you are outside of Northern NJ for details

Newborn Care Classes Virtual private
Newborn Care & Calming


Learn the secrets of newborn baby care and calming before your bundle arrives.  Of course we will discuss diapering and bathing but the calming component is what sets this class apart from typical newborn care classes.  We will teach you the secrets of newborn calming and review your registry and product selections ensuring you have supplies on hand that will give you the best outcomes possible.


$250.00 Northern New Jersey

Email us if you are outside of Northern NJ for details

Breastfeeding classes online, lactation consultants
Infant Toddler CPR and Safety
Breastfeeding Your Newborn


Breastfeeding a newborn can be a challenging task.  Many Moms feel uncertain about breastfeeding - confidence is 90% of the success. This class was created to prepare both partners for the newborn breastfeeding experience, including what supplies to have, the do's and don'ts and how to troubleshoot. Both partners are encouraged to attend. Best taken between weeks 28-36.


$250.00 Northern New Jersey

Email us if you are outside of Northern NJ for details

Infant Toddler CPR & Safety


The thought of ever needing to do CPR on your child is super scary...the thought of needing to do it and NOT knowing how is terrifying!  This class is for anyone who cares for children ages 0-8 years

You will learn what to do in the case of catastrophic emergencies, choking, poisoning, CPR and car seat safety. Bring grandparents, friends, babysitters...anyone who may be caring for your child. Can be taken at any point before OR after your baby’s birth.


$250.00 for up to 10 people - Northern New Jersey

Email us if you are outside of Northern NJ for details

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