The DESIRE to breastfeed is NATURAL, even instinctual, however the SKILLS to breastfeed must be taught.  And teaching you and your baby is exactly what we love doing.

We assess the challenges, teach modifications, develop a plan and coordinate follow up, all in the comfort of your own home.



After years of teaching in the hospital setting, working on both labor & delivery units and Neonatal ICU units the Calm Baby RN lactation team has perfected breastfeeding education, consultation and support.


We offer solid advice, no more "this nurse told me one thing and then that nurse said the opposite".  


Breastfeeding Support

in Your Home

Meet Our Board Certified Lactation Consultants

RElaxed Approach

"Alisa's relaxed approach to breastfeeding comforted me immediately and even though I was on the fence about nursing from the beginning I am going strong 10 months later!  I owe it all to Alisa"

-Jenn, Mommy to Tyler


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